In his twenties, you have married to love without hesitation, and I will give back to you for the rest of my life.

Time jumps to a certain day of the month of 2015. This is the silver wedding anniversary of Mr. Yuan and his wife. They are going to the beach for a holiday. Mr. Yuan is drinking tea at home and watching the travel guide. His wife is packing up for the seaside holiday. Luggage, the lady's sentence, "The hotel's public towel is not very hygienic, it is really troublesome to bring a towel." It may be said that the person is unintentional, the listener is interested, and so unintentional, Mr. Yuan is on his mind, so at this moment A new idea emerged. After returning from the seaside holiday, Mr. Yuan searched for information and studied it. After three years of “calling the wind and rain”-----the intelligent refreshing machine finally came out. Mr. Yuan said; "The rest of life is very short, I want to give you the most long-lasting companionship, the world is so big, I want to take you to see."

Three years of creating a brand, a hundred years of dreams, Yuewei people will assume their due social responsibilities, constantly promote the progress of hotel culture in China and the world, and continue to create more "practical, intelligent and applicable" hotel supplies for people. Strive to enjoy the quality of life brought about by technology, and strive to create a professional brand that is innovative in the minds of consumers.